Make kits for your DIY projects.

Make money when they sell.


Making a kit is as simple as selecting the products that go in it

and then sharing it anywhere you please

Just pick out the products

Kitsy is continually finding new E-commerce stores to partner with so you can pack your kits with your favourite products. Don't see your favourite stores? Drop us an Email!

Making the kit is a breeze. Don't take our word for it. Try it out below.


Kits are shared via a convenient short link

If you can share a link you can share a kit. Just post it anywhere you please and your followers will have a convenient way to order your kit with a few clicks and no sign up.

If you have your own blog you can embed the kit directly in to a webpage using a simple iframe. You can even link your own CSS script to match the style to your blog.

You don't make anything off ads but you will make money from Kitsy

Kitsy splits the profits off your kit 50/50. You get decide how much the profit off each sale is worth.

A kit costing $100 with a 10% profit margin will make you $5 off each kit. A viral video where 10% of the viewers order the kit could earn you a good deal of money.

3,000,000 views * 10% * 10% / 2 = $15,000. How much are currently making off of ads?


Stick to what you know best. Content.

You aren't involved in the ordering, return, or complaint process at all. Just create great kits for great projects and post them on your social media or blogs. Kitsy takes care of the rest.

creditcard Get payments directly to your Credit Card

Kitsy uses Stripe to make payments directly to your credit card or bank account.

dev Embed kits anywhere

You can embed a kit anywhere a short-link can go. That means pretty much everywhere.

globe Get the useful metrics you need

The metrics you get to understand your sales are basic and easy to understand. Why get overwhelmed with charts and graphs you don't need?

support Search for kits by product

With the Kitsy app you can scan interesting or inspiring items you find in brick & mortar stores and get a list of kits that use that product for cool ideas on your next project.

mail Get new followers when you make a kit

Kitsy will regularly feature newly made kits on all its social media sites. That means that our followers become your followers.

locked Security comes first

Kitsy takes security very seriously. Kitsy is PCI compliant and has numerous levels of protection.

Available in the Appstore

Download the Kitsy app in the appstore. Earn money, find new kits, get metrics, edit your kits, get feedback, set your profit margin and take your DIY to the next level.

download on app-store download on app-store

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